iQ-Therm from Remmers

Improving the thermal efficiency of solid wall properties is a real challenge for the UK to reduce heat loss. Some 40% of the UK housing stock is solid wall construction which cannot be treated by cavity wall insulation or by external wall insulation (EWI). Historic and Listed buildings are of particular concern here as the facade cannot be altered leaving interior wall insulation as the only option.

Most existing systems have fundamental limitations for achieving the demanding building regulations U values for wall insulation. These problems are often centred around controlling the moisture content in the wall construction to prevent damage or condensation. Until now breathable insulation was not possible for many buildings.

If you reduce heat loss using a simple insulation board with a moisture barrier, your building can no longer breathe, which leads to a high risk of moisture related damage to the structure, failure of the system or condensation and mould problems. If you use a wood particle / insulation board they are very deep which takes up a lot of valuable space and the walls may not dry out properly leading to a very real risk of moisture or damp coming through to the inside.

iQ-Therm from Remmers solves all of these problems with a unique innovation in breathable interior insulation for solid wall construction. Have a look through our interior insulation site to see if this could work for you to reduce heat loss.

iQ-Therm interior insulation from Remmers is a system which is suited for solid wall construction to upgrade the insulation values, reduce heat loss and allow the wall to breathe as it was meant to – a breathable insulation system - meaning that you won’t create a damp, condensation or mould problem – 100% guaranteed.

Suited for installation by professionals and competent self-builders, iQ-Therm is the most exciting insulation system on the market today. Combine this with our invisible breathable facade waterproofing and you can reduce heat loss through solid walls by up to 75%. Ask us for a quote today!